Premium Cut Nordman Fir Christmas Tree's – The low needle drop family favourite - With Free Delivery!

Neil Hargill11/10/21

The Nordman Fir is probably the most popular Christmas Tree in this country, one of the reasons being that it has a lovely symmetrical shape with strong branches. The needles are shiny, mid green and soft to touch, making it ideal for all members of the family to decorate.  Our premium quality Nordman Fir can be quite a wide tree, so you will need a reasonable space to show this tree off to its best advantage – for a 6ft tree allow approximately 5ft. The Nordman Fir is a low needle drop tree.

Brew Tea Co’s Decaffeinated Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea

Neil Hargill11/10/21

Decaffeinated Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea Recently I’ve looked to decaffeinated beverages to curb a rather excessive caffeine habit that has developed from WFH. I’ve tried many alternatives but the Ceylon Tea has to be my favourite so far. A lot of decaf products can often taste rather ‘dishwatery’ however, Brew Tea is decaffeinated by using the CO2 process and this locks in the woody/ earthy flavour of the Ceylon Tea. Having had such a great experience with the Ceylon Tea, I will certainly be branching out to try more of the decaffeinated range from Brew Tea Co… I’m sure they will be Tea-riffic!

Product Highlight - Crisps and Tortilla Chips

Steven Osman6/29/21

Everyone loves a good pack of crisps, and tortilla chips are a product that has been steadily growing in popularity for a long time. In fact, both of these items are loved so much, they are some of our best selling items within the Ambient section here at The Green Berry, so...

Vendor Highlight - Holy Cow!

Steven Osman6/28/21

Holy Cow! Holy Cow! are an amazing company based in London that create incredible tasting curry sauces. Not only are all their products plant based, making them suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans alike, but they are also gluten free, which means that everyone can enjoy them without worry about dietary restrictions. ...

Vendor Highlight - One Water

Steven Osman6/24/21

One Water Water is an amazing thing. In its various forms it provides life to billions of creatures including us Humans. Yet, in the world there are millions without easy access to clean drinking water. Enter the One Foundation with their product: One Water. Their goal is simple, to give...