Vendor Highlight - Holy Cow!

Vendor Highlight - Holy Cow!

Steven Osman6/28/21

Holy Cow!

Holy Cow! are an amazing company based in London that create incredible tasting curry sauces. Not only are all their products plant based, making them suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans alike, but they are also gluten free, which means that everyone can enjoy them without worry about dietary restrictions. 

The secrets to their great flavours are freshly grinding and roasting their spices, before slowly cooking the sauces, so that every element is packed full of flavour. It also means that when you use one of their products, you do not have to spend ages prepping anything, you simply add it to your protein, or veg, heat up and enjoy.

Their range of flavours has been developed to match the vast amount of different variations found throughout India, so that when you try one of their products, it is almost as if you were there in that region, eating a home cooked meal.

But they don't stop at great tasting sauces that are suitable for pretty much everyone to enjoy. No, they go one step further and have made a promise that for every packet of sauce they sell, they donate a free school meal to a child that needs it in India. A simple gesture, but one that has been proven to have long lasting effects both on the child and their family.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up an incredible curry sauce today and feel even better about it knowing you are helping to feed a hungry child at the same time!

Click here to view our range of sauces.

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