Vendor Highlight - One Water

Vendor Highlight - One Water

Steven Osman6/24/21

One Water

Water is an amazing thing. In its various forms it provides life to billions of creatures including us Humans. Yet, in the world there are millions without easy access to clean drinking water.

Enter the One Foundation with their product: One Water. Their goal is simple, to give clean water access to as many people as they can. They raise money for this in part, by selling bottled water.

In addition to helping provide access to clean safe water, they strive to improve the conditions of the largest supplier of water in the world, the oceans.

They do this by offering a wide range of packaging for their water, from glass bottles, to cartons, to aluminium cans. The plastic bottles are fully recyclable and are made from 51% recycled material, which helps both reduce current and prevent future plastic waste, a lot of which can often end up in the ocean.

By buying One Water, you are not only helping add to the 3.6 million people that have access to clean drinking water thanks to this company, you are helping the planet. All of that simply buy buying and drinking a bottle of water, who knew it was so easy?

The water tastes great as well, it is crystal clear and whether you drink it from the glass bottles, plastic bottles or cans that we stock, it tastes as fresh as the day it was bottled.

If you haven't tried it yet, now is the perfect opportunity. Worst case, you have helped bring clean water to a family, best case you have found your new favourite brand of bottled water and helped bring clean water to a family.

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