Vendor Highlight - Tony's Chocolonely

Vendor Highlight - Tony's Chocolonely

Steven Osman6/24/21

 Tony's Chocolonely

Now given that we are predominantly a greengrocers and are focused on healthy eating, it might seem strange that we are promoting a brand of chocolate bar. But we also believe that there is a balance in life between eating healthy and treating yourself. In addition to this, we love to talk about good causes and what the team at Tony's Chocolonely are doing is a very good cause.

If you have tried one of their chocolate bars already, you will know how great they taste. Their milk chocolate bar is smooth and perfectly balanced between chocolatey and sweet so that you find yourself getting through the bar, despite only planning to have one or two pieces.

The large bars have an interesting and meaningful pattern to how the pieces can be broken off. Unlike traditional chocolate bars that separate pieces into a grid layout, so you can break off fairly similar sized pieces, Tony's bars are a seemingly messy web of pieces, some far smaller than others.

This is deliberate and links directly to their ethos as a company. The reason? Not everything within the chocolate trade is fair. There is still quite a lot of slavery within the chocolate trade, including child labour.

Tony's Chocolonely have mad it their mission to fight and eradicate this and they do so by ensuring that their chocolate not only tastes great, but that it is made using a fully traceable path back to the farmers. They pay their farmers more than other chocolate companies and have developed great relationships to fairly bring their products to consumers.

We think it is an incredible thing that Tony's Chocolonely are doing and we support them in their mission. That is why at The Green Berry, we are proud to stock their chocolate bars.

If you haven't yet had the chance to taste our Tony's Chocolonely range, what are you waiting for? Click here to be taken straight to them. We promise, you will like what you see and love what you taste!

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