Recipe - Qiuck and Easy Vegan Garlic Bread

Recipe - Qiuck and Easy Vegan Garlic Bread

Steven Osman6/29/21

Who doesn't like garlic bread? It goes great with Pasta dishes, soup, pizza and plenty more. But if you are vegan, or dairy free, you will know the hassle of trying to find garlic bread that you can actually eat. So why not just make your own?

With this super easy recipe, you can add a lovely stick of vegan garlic bread to any meal that you want. 

Serves: Up to 6

Prep Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Cook Time: Approximately 15minutes


1 Large baguette

130g Vegan Butter

2 tsp Crushed Garlic

2 tsp finely chopped Basil

1 tsp finely chopped Chives

1/2 tsp Sea Salt


1. Preheat your oven to 180C/Fan 160C/ Gas Mark 5

2. Cut your baguette in half, then make multiple slices almost all the way through each half.

3. Mix the butter with the garlic, basil, chives and salt in a bowl, then generously spread on both sides of each slice and then over the top of each half.

4. Wrap each half in tinfoil and put in the oven for about 15 minutes, until golden brown.

5. Take out and enjoy!

For an added treat, why not add some grated vegan cheese on top of each half baguetter?

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